Book on the border

The Armenian school has always been the driving force behind the future of our society.  Its potential, that is, Armenian students and teachers, needs new knowledge to ensure the proper quality of education. In this matter, modern Armenian and foreign professional and fiction literature plays an important role. In most cases, it isn’t available in our school libraries. In this respect, schools in border areas are more vulnerable. To get closer to solving the problem, it is necessary to make this literature available Therefore, we are considering our participation in replenishing the library stock of schools in the border areas of the Republic of Armenia To this end, the “Nor Nakhijevan” humanitarian fund (hereinafter referred to as the Fund) considers it necessary to organize an annual educational and cultural program “The Book on the Border” As a result, the border schools participating in the program will be supplemented with the necessary Armenian, foreign, artistic and professional literature necessary for the educational process․The communication with participating schools will not be limited within this program․ The Foundation will endeavour within the possible, to include partner schools in other educational and cultural programs